i'm elizabeth - one layer of layered black. i am a graphic designer, painter, wife and mom by day and night - and fashion fills in everything in between. avid coffee drinker, al green lover and recent morning person (since my son was born 1 year ago) - i am really excited about this blogging thing. my husband is my inspiration and my son is my muse. i drive a mini cooper, love anything english (on the top of the list would be daniel craig), read a lot of books and feel the most comfortable when it rains (mostly because i have an excuse to wear my hunters). 

favourite model: Kate Moss // Agyness Deyn

shoe/designer shoe fetish: Tods 

favourite fashion accessory: Scarves

ideal bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy (which my husband recently surprised me with on a business trip to NYC)

most creative designer: Alexander McQueen // Christian Lacroix // John Galliano

most timeless designer: Ralph Lauren // Calvin Klein // Burberry

favourite decade in fashion: 1960's

contemporary muse or inspiration: Kate Moss // Sienna Miller // Kiera Knightley

historical muse or icon: Twiggy // Edie Sedgwick // Audrey Hepburn // Bond girls

the "look" you prefer for a man: modern, fitted clothing...skinny suits and pants, tailored shirts. i love when men are not afraid to make daring color choices

the "look" you prefer for a woman: their own and not a carbon copy of someone else's look

fashion motto: Have a few "high fashion" pieces in your wardrobe and mix those with your everyday basics // Wear clothing that is best for your body type 

favorite clothing color: black, of course

top fashion staples: 
leggings, minnetonka moccasins, my husband's t-shirts, skinny jeans, scarves