Sunday, May 27, 2012


 I am so excited to share this first look with you guys! I had a great opportunity sneak up on me this past week. A good friend of mine asked if I would be willing to do a collaboration with her. I would do the styling and she would do the photography and we would work together on the set/ vibe. It was such a great honor that she thought of me. There will be more of these to come so get ready!

 Luckily she was super great at directing so I didn't come across so awkward, well I don't look awkward at all actually!!!  She even made me un-hide my face and smile at times **shriek**!!!  Who knew I could look kind of normal in pictures!!! Thanks KYLEE LEONETTI  for making me do this, so excited for our other sessions.

ps this was in her studio which is so sick! The walls are to die for!

{ Pants, Novella Royale // Shirt, Stylemint // Necklace, F21 // Shoes, Borrowed from a friend // Peacock Ring, Mainstream Boutique // Other Rings, F21 // Bracelets, Kylee's}

sadly my novella royale bells suffered an irreplaceable injury on set and will have to be retired RIP sexy bells

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Loving denim with a pop of color lately. And of course my favorite LnA tee. 
Tee, LnA // Shirt, Banana Republic // Denim, Free People // Boots, Harrods London // Scarf, J. Crew // Necklace, Handmade by my husband

Monday, May 21, 2012


Ok so clearly I am on a skirt kick thanks to comfy numbers like this from LNA. I love that it feels like a tee and that I don't get bothered if it has a wrinkle or 2 in it. The effortless feel of it makes it surprisingly dimensional. Leave it to me to make it less girly by throwing on some Sperry's and an oversized denim shirt... see that makes it functional for the park!

Shirt, Anthropologie // Skirt, LNA // Shoes, Sperry // Necklace, hat and watch JCrew

Friday, May 18, 2012


What can I say, I love hoodies and would live in them. This one by LNA is by far my favorite! Perfect paired with lightweight shorts on a summer day.

Beach Hoodie, LNA // Shorts, Urban Outfitters // Boots, Free People

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I am not one to wear mini skirts usually, but when I saw this one in LNA clothing's summer lookbook I fell in love with it! The color was just too good and I am picky about my pinks! It is so comfortable and BONUS my husband was a big fan of me showing my legs!

Also, I am not at all sure why I am making the "blue steele" face in the first photo, but if it worked for Zoolander than I guess it works for me.

Shirt, HM // Skirt, LNA  // Blazer, Club Monaco // Bag, Rebecca Minkoff // Sunglasses, YSL // Bracelets, JCrew // Shoes, Same Edelman // Earings, Givenchy

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Shirt, Free People // Scarf, Urban Outfitters // Leggings, American Apparel // Boots, Freebird by Steven


As much as I love the colored jean trend, neons and bolds just aren't really for me some days. I think finding muted colors makes it a much easier trend to try and really goes with a lot more. It works best for me when clothes can be dressed up or dressed down. Today I went for dressed up :)

Pants, Zara // Top, Gilly Hicks (on super sale for $14) // Necklace, Givenchy // Shoes, Jessica Simpson (who knew she actually has some cute shoes out there) // Wristlet, Tori Furch // Lipstick, Nars Schiap // Sunglasses, Rayban

Sunday, May 13, 2012


 I am so digging cropped pants right now. I think they have a good elongating effect for some reason which is surprising. These hit my ankle bone when they are down, but I have a tendency to roll my pants in the summer, maybe it makes the whole thing feel more effortless. A little pop of color is always great when an outfit is on the neutral side plus I had to girly this up since I was going without makeup.  These shoes are about the only red thing that I own! Perhaps I should consider owning more colored shoes! I live in this basic lna tee! It is the perfect fit and their heather grays are just SOOOOO good... definitely a must!

Shoes, Aldo // Pants, Current/ Elliot // Shirt, LNAClothing // Necklace, Givenchy // Hat, JCrew

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is this weekend and if you are stuck on what to wear for brunch we have you covered. You don't have to over due it. You are probably going somewhere fancy, but if not you will be the cutest girl at your moms house. And if your life is anything like ours and you are the mom that is being celebrated, it will most likely mean that you will end up at a park, obviously doing what you do best, being mom! No matter your plans we have some cheap finds that are comfy enough for any activities your day brings.

Skirt $16 HM // Tank $40 Juicy Couture // Shoes $60 Aldo // Bag $39 Nine West // Necklace $29 Stell Dot // Pony Fuss Free


 The Weather is so moody these days it is hard to know what it is going to do. I am ok with it since my legs aren't ready for shorts just yet. I like the comfort of my bell bottoms and the fact that they don't restrain me like shorts or skinnies do. I love sharp clean looks, must be why I am liking minimal accessories right now. Seems everyone else is piling them on which is my tendency too!

Shirt, Stylemint // Bag, Rebecca Minkoff // Jeans, Theyskens' Theory

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It has been a little hazy here in MN lately with off and on rain. The luscious result is dense greenery all around, it is lovely. It is nice that the sun has peeked it's head throughout each rainy day though. I tend to get child-like and jump in puddles and splash. I do take precautions on staying dry though :) Simple is definitely my take on dressing in the morning lately, you never know what the day may bring. 

Pants, Hudson // Shirt, LNA // Scarf, Heartbreaker // Boots, Hunter // Umbrella, JCrew long ago

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I've been wanting these Free People boots for awhile and since they arrived I have worn them every single day. They really go with everything in my wardrobe from skinnies to girly dresses. They will be a summer staple for sure. 
Shirt, Nation Ltd // Jeans, Free People (given to me by an AWESOME friend) // Boots, Free People (Steve Madden Freebird) // Bracelets, random collection

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I am super into light denim right now. Now that summer is nearing I am feeling that laid back part of me start to kick back in. I don't like to wear fussy clothes. Must be why I buy my shirts a size or 2 too big. If you ask me people (and bloggers) are making their outfits way too fussy. I am a mom, I don't do fussy when my kids are with me. Maybe it is my Midwestern approach but gosh I have no idea how Victoria Beckham wears YSL heels to her kids soccer games...

Short, DIY vintage cutoffs // Shirt, on sale at Gilly Hicks // Boots, Hunter // Hat and Jewelry, JCrew // Socks, Hollister // Sunglasses, YSL


Tuesday, May 1, 2012



I am currently into crisp clean lines right now. Loving the chic tailored looks for summer. For some reason I like it best on white or light hues because I think it accentuates the lines. I love mixing textures when I wear monochromatic (tone on tone). When I shop I tend to buy things that can be mixed universally and don't only have one way they can be worn, perhaps that is why I don't buy dresses often. I think all of these pieces could mix and match and still give you chic and stunning results