i am Shaynah - one layer of layered black. I am a bit of a free spirit (although I am quite opinionated.) Some would possibly call me sarcastic. I love to laugh and not take myself too seriously. I am a full time mommy and wife to 3 wonderful human beings who rule my heart. I work part-time as a hairstylist. I love magazines, coffee table books, and anything that stimulates my imagination. I can't sing or dance but do both anyways {as loudly as possible}. I am constantly reinventing my look because my 2 boys and husband inspire me to always be the best version of myself.

the style you most dislike? By the time I say one would be the moment I decide it is my next "must-have"

your favorite fashion photographer? Richard Avedon // Mario Testino

your favorite model? Kate Moss // Erin Wasson

your shoe/designer shoe fetish? Converse or Classic Pumps

your favorite fashion accessory? Right now it would be jackets (of any shape)

the most creative designer? Alexander McQueen

most timeless designer? Chanel // Burberry

your favorite luxury brand? Givenchy // Chanel // Balmain

favorite decade in fashion? the 70's

your contemporary muse or inspiration? Kate Moss // Mary Kate Olsen

your historical muse or icon? Jackie O // Anita Pallenberg  // Jane Birkin

the "look" you prefer for a man? well tailored.

the "look" you prefer for a woman? I love when a woman tries something risky as long as it suits her body type.

the fashion faux pas you can tolerate most? wearing white in the winter

the fashion faux pas you can tolerate least? underwear lines showing

What is your first fashion memory? I was going into 6th grade and my parents gave me money for "back to school" shopping. I spent it all on one entire outfit. It was a " Clueless" replica of Cher Horowitz. Plaid Skirt, long buttoned down shirt with a little sweater vest, and argyle knee highs. My father was furious that I didn't buy more clothes than that.

Worst fashion related childhood memory? In ninth grade I chopped my hair above my earlobes. It wasn't nearly as chic as a pixie. It was awful. I cried for days. To make matters worse I wore it gelled.

your favorite clothing color? black

what are your top fashion staples? flared jeans // large sunglasses // wedges // leather jacket // plain white t-shirt