Monday, March 21, 2011

Thriller // Shaynah

 Muses often transform things in a way that we don't see it ourselves. I love these takes on the style so well known by Michael Jackson. It appears he gave us more than his music. I personally can say I can't get enough of the way they transformed his looks! I guess I have a little rock-star hidden in me somewhere dying to get out! How UN.REAL. is Balmain!!? All I want is to own even just one of their pieces! 

Top: Balmain
Tights:Sass and Bide
Sienna Miller: NYLON 2009
White Socks with Shoes: Random Tumblr
Red Coat: Balmain

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Elizabeth said...

Love love love Sienna! Great post Shaynah!
Yes, I am commenting on my own blog. :)