Sunday, April 17, 2011

NYC Street Style (a view from behind) // Shaynah

How dapper of you too look so chic all the while helping preserve the planet, major props! 

 Fancy people. Let's pretend they are going to the Opera, shall we?
 Who does not love a guy who can pull off florals and red pants!?
 Gold Pants??? Are you kidding me?? She is my hero!
 I couldn't help but be in love with these little girls! Sporting bright colors, darling! Plus, I love a kid in a hood *swoon*
 Love the tailored look. Perfected with patterned tights. These are tricky since they can look scandalous. She rocked them like she came straight out of Little "J's" closet {gossip girl} (hoping that reference didn't make me loose my street cred *wink*
 backpacks are so hot right now!
 Could you die? this little doll in her gold doc martens (or replicas) SERIOUSLY stylin'!

This girl's face was gorgeous but trying to be discreet really didn't pay off, someone's elbow was covering it:/ Her boots were still worth posting....

So I am not one to be shy, but certainly not being a local (or nearly as stylish as these people) seemed to get to me in NYC. However, given the fact that most are from behind you still get a good idea of why I felt the need to bust out my not-so-discreet camera and snap a shot here and there! These New York kids could have their own street style post- perhaps, I noticed the kids cause I was a mom missing her boys, or maybe because I find it impossible to comprehend raising my kids in that city... either way I am glad I noticed these tiny fashionistas! I promise I will work on my street photography in the near future! Until then enjoy the few I got:)


faces said...

Fun to see how people interpret their own style at such a young age! room for growth!

Kimmy said...

Seriously cannot believe how fashionable everyone is! I want to go there simply just to people watch and take notes on how to improve my daily waredrobe! Love it all and I love even more that you were snapping shot of people like paparazzi! LOL :)

alake said...

Ok, I love these pics and these are things that stuck out...

Mom in RED Toms - love it.
The beautiful white louie bag.
Jansport backpack all the way...!