Thursday, April 28, 2011

positively no dancing // Shaynah

Spring has yet to show its face here in MN. We are not about to let that hold us down, it is nearing the end of April for Pete's sake! We are bringing spring into our lives by pops of color lately, just holding out hope that summer will, in fact, shine upon us.
Anyhow... I love a good restaurant T-shirt (malt shops tees are even better) so this particular one is from a rib place in Chicago that my dad LOVES. We were there long ago and this started my little random food shirt collection:)

Shirt: Twin Anchors
Pants: H&M 
Jean Jacket: hollister
Shoes: coach
Bracelet: gift from my dad from Africa

{on little B: pants and converse shoes baby gap, shirt and jacket h&m, little easter duck gifted from his big bro}


aprilchanel said...

love the pants. and the color. super cute.

Layered Black said...

Thanks April, I was nervous to branch out of my "denim only" mind set:)

Jana K. said...

This outfit is awesome! Love those pants:)