Thursday, May 5, 2011

Caution: Model Obsession May Occur // Shaynah

Cara Delevingne This fresh face is strategically following in the footsteps of her big sis (Poppy). Well, as those may be big shoes to fill,  I don't think she will be having any problems. The long time Asos girl has landed some MAY-JOR gigs this year for the likes of *gasp* Burberry. Her cute mug is all over their sunglasses and beauty lines. She is also spotted wearing the ever famous Burberry trench on the runway and in other campaigns,  what a lucky duck! 

On a more vain note her thick eye-brows are one of the first things that grabbed my eye (odd as it is). I love a blonde with a thick brow. I also love that her pout turns down when she is straight-faced it adds that baby doll appeal that I seem to adore. Now  I must go stew over how I can accomplish her hair color on myself... it is just divine don't ya think?! Enjoy and don't stay up too late googling her:)


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Jess said...

I love her. She has the most striking features