Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Favorites of the MET // Shaynah

I love a good red carpet affair. The Met Gala is one I look forward to every year, because I feel like people get more daring and artistic with their looks. I am not going to lie, I am not even sure what they do at the Met Gala. Celebrate art? I know this  year's theme was Alexander McQueen- Savage Beauty. It is with out a doubt my 2 favorite looks were all sporting McQueen frocks. One day... one day I will own a piece (of some sort) by McQueen. I just love the stories and drama his line constantly has. It is always very fashion forward, fully thought out and carefully executed. What a beautiful scene of people it must have been!
my 2 favorites were Gisele (and Tom) and Sarah Jessica Parker. They both brought class and of course their patronage for McQueen pays off 

 You better believe that these full trumpet skirts made my list! I love a little drama in a dress, obvs! Way to go Ashley Greene and Christina Ricci, you both nailed it!

High slits, yes please! Ginnifer Goodwin, I salute you with major bonus points, amongst all of the high couture names she opted for a TopShop dress- my hero!!! Then, there is Gwenyth Paltrow in her skin toned get-up. It may have reminded me of her Oscar dress, but I am totally ok with that- this beautiful blonde has it going on! 

Sleek two-toned dresses. Ultimate class. Not to mention that 2 of my favorite red carpet fashionistas (Diane Krueger and Ashley Olsen) are sporting these perfectly tailored numbers.  

Alexa Chung I dig your see through pocket

Brooklyn Decker, reminding me that Malibu Barbie will never go out of style!

All in all the Costume Institute Gala reigned in red carpet events. I did love the people who wore more comstume-esque garbs but they just didn't tickle my fancy quite like these classy ladies.


Kimmy said...

Love your top pics! I agree with you, they are all fab! You of course know that I am digging on Gisele, but she seriously rocked that dress!

Layered Black said...

Well I actually think Tom Brady looked amazing that evening. His hair looks great off of his face:)