Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm not really tying my shoe

I have not been one to expand my horizons on a daily basis, but recently something has gotten into me. I am trying all sorts of new colors lately and, well, they seem to be working out just fine. I think these old lady type blouses just might be my new niche. It kinda works I guess, since I have recently discovered that I like a lot of things that my husband considers are "old lady-ish" like: big rings, huge sunglasses, silk scarves and Reuben sandwiches. I mean seriously who cares if I like bangles stacked up to my elbow and a little teasing in my hair, right?! Nothing wrong with style tips I took from grandma!

Pants: H&M
Shirt: Anthropologie
Scarf: Heartbreakers (local)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


The Fashion Writress said...

Lovely outfit and those shoes are cool :))


zoelovefashion said...

I love it!

Layered Black said...

thanks lovelies! Kind words are always welcomed around here :)

faces said...

I agree! It is always fashionable to re-invent your looks-lots of things make their way around for a second try! Nice job!

Rene Braun said...

Beautiful photos and great blog!!! Come to visit my blog too :))