Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pirate Kidd // Little Layers

This four year old won't stay still for a single second. His clothes often look better on the move anyways. He is not into fuss, and when I try to add a little funk to his outfit he doesn't tolerate it. He will wear some cool accessories but only if he has picked them out {and completely in the mood}. His favorite thing to get is new shirts, he loves a good superhero who says brown and black don't look good together!? Rad kid sure seems to make it work

both shirts: JCrew
Skinny jeans: Baby Gap
Shoes: Creative Recreation
Hat: Abercrombie


Kimmy said...

I love how you totally rock out your boys' clothes. Whenever ppl say that boys can't have as cute of clothes as girls do, I always think back to you and how your boys rock it out. You are seriously my inspiration for dressing my future boys! :)

faces said...

What a little Fashion Statement he is-love that! cute shoot!

Layered Black said...

Aw thanks Kimmy, I have to thank Gwen Stefani for the inspiration of using color on kids:) haha! I can't wait to see how your future boy is (probs will look just like baby B-LOL)

Faces, I think he got his love of clothes from his nana