Thursday, July 7, 2011


A good blogger probably would have exfoliated and put lotion on their knees before doing a photo shoot, but good thing we aren't good bloggers here at layeredblack. My knees are full of scars anyways. So do you love my new obsession with lipstick? Oh goodie, me too! This is NARS schiap. It has fully made me the mom who wears lipstick with sweatpants! (I know I thought I would never wear sweatpants too)

I suppose you saw that awesome cloud in the background of the 3rd picture stealing my thunder (no pun intended). Yeah isn't that cloud neat? Like 5 seconds after this picture it nearly matched my lipstick, but only for a split second. The sky is funny that way. Now if it could only match my cool neon belt...

{shirt Armani, shorts JCrew, belt Gap, bag Rebecca Minkoff, shoes Sam Edelman}

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