Tuesday, July 19, 2011


blah, blah, blah. So I see people all sort of bizarre things on lookbook and get hyped. So I thought I would try it, and it looks like people in cyber space still don't want to welcome me with open arms and parades.  However, I was kind of fond of my little experiment and I can't wait to wear this on a real day and completely embarrass my husband. I am sure my mother would love if I wore it to dinner with her. She is the one who talked me into buying this tutu tank dress. Maybe she is having regrets about not putting me in ballet? At any rate my vintage american flag looks pretty rad hanging in the garage. But don't ask me why I am hanging in the garage... I guess it just must mean need more friends.

If you are my friend and this post makes you embarrassed to know me then mission accomplished.

{Tutu dress BSBG MaxAzria, Tshirt LnA, shoes Sam Edelman} 


two birds said...

there's nothing embarrassing about this. i absolutely love this dress on you!

Layered Black said...

two birds, YAY thanks! I just am so tempted to wear this to work one day!

liv said...

I am LOVING the tutu! The whole look is way too fab on you to be embarrassing lady.
Now on me, different story. I'd definitely embarrass people, which I happily do anyway. HA!

So glad that you found my blog. Yours is just what I've needed this weekend. You guys have yourselves a new stalker.

Liv <3