Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 Thrifting for clothes always sounds more glamourous than it truly is. Shame on fashion bloggers for making it sound so fabulous. There is really a lot of touching a lot of hideously, ugly things to maybe, by chance, hopefully, get lucky finding one semi-decent thing. Well I had one of those days. I touched a LOT of ugly ugly ugly things. And even tried some on just for fun, but in the end my sacrificing of time and energy paid off. I found an awesome mens Pendleton vest. Bonus, it looked good with my current outfit so I wore it out of the store (completely embarrassing my husband!) so worth it. 

BEFORE: ugly outfit NOT happy

AFTER: Cute outfit VERY happy! 

And well I wouldn't be a typical fashion blogger if I didn't use my instagram picture now would I?

{shorts necklaces and button up Jcrew, shoes (every blogger has) Jessica Simpson, Bag Louis Vuitton, Vest thrifted mens pendleton}

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Marissa Joy said...

Great look! I love her shoes and bag!