Friday, August 26, 2011



WANT TO WIN THIS AWESOME FRINGE BELT?  Submit a picture (on our faceboook wall here) of your favorite accessory that YOU OWN.  Elizabeth and Shaynah will choose their favorite and the winner will be sent this fabulous new accessory! Easy as pie. We aren't judging on how your photo is styled. All we ask is that you have a clear/ visible photo and that we have a good view of the accessory you are submitting. If you want to tug on our heartstrings leave a little reason why it is your favorite. contest ends THURSDAY at 11PM.

additional rules:
1.You have to "like" the layeredblack facebook page to submit photos
2. Have fun with it
3. Be creative
4. Only 1 submission
5. Thank us if you win
6. Simon says "enter this contest"

ps just cause it is your favorite one doesn't mean it is the one you wear all the time.mmmk.

{US submissions only}

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