Monday, November 28, 2011


I was feeling a bit festive. No, I am not referring to the fact that I am dressed like the cranberries, that came out of a can that my ma served, I am talkin about my holiday pants! You heard me! My holiday pants! These pants (that are borderline drop-crotch) only come out on special days. So far that has meant Easter and Thanksgiving. If they are lucky I may wear them for Martin Luther King day, too! It seems I have no other need for them, since after 9 months of owning these had-to-have-it-so-I-splurged-because-I-was-in-NYC-and-that's-what-you-do-pants I have worn them, YEP, those 2 whopping times! I am certain that I will get my use out of them after 20 years of owning them  now that I have introduced them to my fur stole. So, I guess, I am thankful that I may like these pleated khakis (that give me hips) after all!

{Top, Heartbreakers // Pants, Deisel // Stole, HM // Shoes, Steve Madden}

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faces said...

Everything about this is awesome love the name even- cranberry is a great color for you!