Sunday, November 13, 2011


The result of a windy weekend. Sadly the background colors won't be sticking around for very long. Little man didn't want to stick around for too long once he saw the play set off in the distance. He was certainly glad to escape my grasp and head over to the swings. Thankfully it wasn't crowded due to the chilly temperatures, I always have more fun with my kids when other people aren't around, I think it is because I am not busy hoovering (Yeah I am on of THOSE moms...)

Shaynah: Cape F21// Shirt, American Apparel // Jeans, Genetic Denim // Socks, Tommy Hilfiger // Shoes, Heartbreaker // Bag, Rebecca Minkoff

Brinley: Jeans, Apple Smile // Shoes, Cre8rec // Jacket and Sweatshirt, Gap


April said...

You are so beautiful, Shaynah!

two birds said...

you have got to be kidding me with this outfit! it is so gorgeous/fabulous/amazing! and the cape is F21? and the shoes are heartbreaker? okay, i am going shopping tomorrow.

Layered Black said...

April, You're TOO sweet thank you so much!

Two Birds, YOU MUST GO!! The cape was $40 and the Shoes were $34. Both worth it:)