Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 Elizabeth used to work in downtown Wayzata so it was a must that we make it out there one day. We actually go there often because we love how peaceful it is. Most people would think that we went for the shopping (which we did manage to squeeze in), but mostly we went for the lake. You may not know it but these little kids rule our lives and they love to run and play! It is no wonder that our posts are few and far between! It was great fun. Liz's son Jude was in a trance as if he had never played with sand before haha. And my boys took to their normal routine of throwing rocks into the water. We ended up just having a super chill day and we all went home happy despite the fact that we bought nothing. We tried to get a photo of us all but it was no use trying to coral everyone when they were perfectly content where they were... seeing this I sure regret not having that photo of everyone together :(

Shaynah: Top, Heartbreakers // Shorts, Jcrew // Tights, Betsey Johnson // Shoes, Sam Edelman // Sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Elizabeth: Tee, LnA // Jacket, Free People // Leggings, American Apparel // Boots, Minnetonka

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two birds said...

how fun! soon enough it will all be frozen over, so it's nice that you all got to play there now! =)