Thursday, December 29, 2011


I am thrilled to announce that snow has taken this year off and we have headed straight for spring. It's true- just ask GapKids and their new arrival of swimwear! Plus, it is almost like I am in Nashville with Liz with these 48 degree temps!! I will hang on to every moment that I do not have to wear my jackets. I am not even saddened that they are sitting in my closet un-used. Ok, a little sad but I will get over it. Oh, I have moved into my new Christmas gifts already... have you?? This denim shirt I have been waiting hard for. I knew I was getting it, it was just a matter of not wearing it before Jesus' birthday... that was tough!!

I am also happy to announce that my 6 year old niece loves being my new photographer- MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!! Plus, her rates are cheap... silly faces and the candy bowl are enough to keep on task! Hopefully this photog lasts longer than my other ones... ha!

{Jeans, Genetic Denim // Shirt, Ralph Lauren (denim supply) // Bracelets, JCrew and Juicy // Scarf, F21 // Boots, Hunter // Clutch, Tori Burch // Lipstick, Nars(schiap) }

{crap that happens when you hire a 6 year old...)


Stockings and Wellingtons said...

Great Outfit and it's always good to see you wearing your Rubber Wellingtons, I think they are so cute.

two birds said...

I am totally loving this weather, too! And I am seriously loving your scarf.