Monday, February 20, 2012


Clearly I was mis-informed that spring was here... I put this on before I realized we were due to get 4 inches of snow. Try dusting your car off in flats... it's not fun. As you know I have a clear obsession with blazers and, well, Blazer + Chambray = DUH!!! Oh c'mon I don't care that it looks like something my dad probably wore when he was in his 20's... do I?? No, clearly I don't because I am obviously not ashamed to wear friendship bracelets that I made myself! Also I am not too cool to admit that my Tory Burch wristlet is probably a fake, I mean it was a gift, but that doesn't make it any less cute... well ok it does but I still use it!

{Pants, HM // Shirt, Stylemint (lenox) // Wristlet, Tory Furch // Necklace, Jcrew // Blazer, Club Monaco // Flats, Seychelles // bracelets, Jcrew and homemade // Sunglasses, YSL}

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