Sunday, May 27, 2012


 I am so excited to share this first look with you guys! I had a great opportunity sneak up on me this past week. A good friend of mine asked if I would be willing to do a collaboration with her. I would do the styling and she would do the photography and we would work together on the set/ vibe. It was such a great honor that she thought of me. There will be more of these to come so get ready!

 Luckily she was super great at directing so I didn't come across so awkward, well I don't look awkward at all actually!!!  She even made me un-hide my face and smile at times **shriek**!!!  Who knew I could look kind of normal in pictures!!! Thanks KYLEE LEONETTI  for making me do this, so excited for our other sessions.

ps this was in her studio which is so sick! The walls are to die for!

{ Pants, Novella Royale // Shirt, Stylemint // Necklace, F21 // Shoes, Borrowed from a friend // Peacock Ring, Mainstream Boutique // Other Rings, F21 // Bracelets, Kylee's}

sadly my novella royale bells suffered an irreplaceable injury on set and will have to be retired RIP sexy bells

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