Friday, May 20, 2011

An extra zipper never hurt anyone (part2)

  I love a simple tee and LnA is taking over my life SO DEAL WITH IT. I always find myself looking for interesting bottoms and shoes and then I go with a simple look on the top. Can't seem to stop myself. Shame on me I should try branching out. I should also try looking in the mirror harder- maybe I would have noticed my hot pink bra with orange shorts. Eh, well, when you have 2 kids you don't have time to think about things like that. (even though I somehow manage to find time to take photos)

Moving right along. I have been eyeing up Rebecca Minkoff bags for a while now... after many Google searches... missing out on 2 deal of the day sales...massive fashion blog binges... and all the Rebecca Minkoff facebook stalking I finally found the one I wanted. Oh, this isn't it though! Seemingly most bloggers had the MAC (her staple clutch- which is what I had full intention of getting.) When I got there and held this and the MAC both for a long period of time (I even think the clerk thought I was a shoplifter waiting for her to walk away) I decided I just couldn't put down this edgier clutch. I think we will have a happy life together. At least it will temporarily satisfy me since my REAL urge is to run out and buy the Rebecca Minkoff Doll booties click here to drool with me they are darling!

shirt: LnA
orange shorts: jcrew
railroad shorts: forver21
socks: jcrew
shoes: minnetonka moccasin
rings: forever21
bag: rebecca minkoff


Lesley said...

I have the same bag! And I love it! It's the perfect mix of bad-ass and practicality. :-)

Layered Black said...

yes!! I am so in love with it, thanks!