Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 Apparently I was for-seeing something when I bought this cape/blanket/shall/thing. I saw it in the store and it looked an awful lot like something you may see in the stores in october. But being the silly smart girl that I am, I purchased it anyways. Little did I realize how bad MN sucks and I would need it all summer  early fall summer.  I think I will get more use out of it than I thought. If it ever does get warmer than 65 degrees then I can just use it as a cape when I play superheroes with the boys. Yeah that sounds good.

{Shall/Cape/Blanket/ Rug/Thing H&M, Jeans Elizabeth and James Textile, Shirt LnA, Bag Coach, Shoes Jeffrey Campbell}

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AprilSutch said...

Shaynah - let's go shopping. Your eye for fashion amazed me! April Sutch

Layered Black said...

April, I am always up for shopping:) and thank you so much!