Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's that time again...GIVEAWAY!

This month's giveaway is EXCITING and UNIQUE. We will be giving away 1 friendship bracelet from Threads with Benefits. Threads with Benefits was founded by our very own Elizabeth along with her sister - they make handmade friendship bracelets and 5% of proceeds go to a great cause.

There are 2 ways to have your name entered to win.
1. Follow us here on Blogspot and comment on this post with your name and that you followed.
2. If you already follow us, refer a friend. Tell us who you referred by commenting on this post.

Giveaway will be announced on Facebook on Tuesday, June 28th (so you might as well follow us there anyway haha).

If you win you get to choose between 2 Threads with Benefits bracelets: AHOY or PARIS (see below).


Anonymous said...

Following! (And I will SO have to dig out my bracelet-making skills if I win... Those gorgeous threads must be worn in groups!)

Anonymous said...

Super cute!
Following your blog!
~ Alicia

Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog! Love that you link it on Facebook!

kylee marie said...

Always read, finally follow (i think!) -- Kylee Leonetti

vanessa said...

thought i was following, but guess not! now i am :) nice job, Shaynah!

Kimmy said...

I follow you girls cause you're amazing!! What a fun giveaway!

Leah said...

I'm following now :)

Britt Stewart said...

loves it. definitely following!

Sara said...

Officially following, although I thought I was already!

Lynn P said...

Love the bracelet with the Eiffel Tower. Great memories from my Paris trip. Love your blog Shaynah.

disco pancakes said...

I thought I was already following, but I did it again to be sure! Courtney LOVES Layered Black!!
Love, Shaynah's favorite cousin