Friday, September 16, 2011


This fall it is ok to be blue. Just ask the Smurfs, even they are back in full force. Anyways we are not talking Smurfs here. This is a good blog and we wouldn't want you to discredit us. Anyways it would be a shame to confuse cerulean blue {actual smurfs color} with cobalt blue {color featured today on this here blog}. They are COMPLETELY different ok. ok.

 Now here are some truly helpful tips: 
Wear a blue shirt or cardigan with a black pencil skirt if you want to look like a chic professional at work... then when you leave work change your skirt into boyfriend jeans and shazam you are ready to go to the apple orchard upon leaving work.
 If you want to rock the blue on the lower half of your body consider a cream or white shirt with a grey blazer for work and then ditch the blazer and throw a colorful scarf around your neck and bam you are ready for your coffee date. 
In any case if this is just too much, that is ok, a simple belt or a pair of flats will make an all black ensemble look like you actually knew what you were doing when you got dressed. Go ahead give it a try, no one will call you a smurf. I swear. Because as I explained before they are cerulean not cobalt, sheesh!
And definitely consider getting your dog a matching sweater in this shade because you really want him to be in style while you are walking him. 


Anonymous said...

love the pants!

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April said...

Those Versace pumps took my breath away!!